quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2012

I wish Dexter was real

I look at all those assassins and bad persons on Earth who always get away or don't suffer any consequences and I just think to myself: "How cool was Dexter to be real!".
Who's Dexter? Dexter Morgan is a character of a TV serie called Dexter...he's a serial killer that only kills other serial killers.
It's because days like this when we see on TV the trial of the Monster of Norway (I won't say he's name he's already has too much publicity), you know, that monster who murdered 77 people, most part of them teenagers in Norway, last summer....and he says that he "only regrets not to have killed more", and then he only can caught 21 years of imprisonment or more "in case of there's a risk of repetition" (I read that on a newspaper)...a risk of repetition? you mean like 21 years after he's released and accepted in society and we only say: "oh now don't do that again ok?"!!!!
Norway hasn't laws for this kind of brutality like terrorism crimes, but 21 years of imprisonment??????? That's a joke! That guy simply can't be released in society anymore!
I remember a day after that slaughter when he's arrested and he shows a frosty smile like saying "I'm so proud I did this and know I'm the centre of atention"...that smile froze me and took the hell out of me!!!
So there are shrinks saying that guy is insane others say he's mentally healthy...I think insanity shouldn't be used to forgive or excuse...sick or normal he's a bad person(???), he's evil, he's a monster! And monster's shouldn't be forgiven or given a 2nd chance...that 77 persons hadn't another chance!
And in Norway jails are like 5 star hotels, I've seen reports about that and my norwegian teacher told me that jails have it all: TV, gyms, swiming pools...!
I don't really know what the norwegian justice should do with this monster...but he can't be released anymore in society! Meanwhile he will be sustained in jail by all norwegian tax payers...even the parents who lost their sons and daughters because of that monster!
How injustice!
Dexter compared to this guys and this benevolent justice with the killers is a good man, he's a righteous man that would just do a favour to our societies...this kind of monsters are just destabilizing and destroying society...they shouldn't take no place here...and No I think this monsters don't deserve a 2nd chance even because they don't even feel sorry for what they did! They even not try to pretend they're sorry...they kill because they like to kill that's all!

I don't know what you would do but I definitily would just call Dexter and he'll do the job...I just wish Dexter was real...

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