sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

increasing millionaires...

I just read in a magazine that the number of millionaires has recorded a steady growth during the last few years that is not even slow down by the economical crisis...
The Forbes magazine says too that Brazil creates 19 millionaires each day!

No wonder way, crisis are oportunities...oportunities to make huge money with the tax payers misfortune and run away without even be tried in court because that guys, the great politicians, managers and economists sure know what they're doing...we (the pople) we don't understand anything about economy and how the world works...our purpose is just to pay for the crisis...pay them!

About Brazil we all know it's a very unequal country full of corruption...I would be happy to have read instead of the creation of new 19 millionaires each day something like: "In Brazil at least 9 persons get out poverty!.

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