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The image is shocking but I thought I had to put it here so you can actually see this scandal!
It's King of Spain with a gun and a hunted elephant!!!!!
That idiot went to Africa to kill elephants!!!!

According to the newspaper 'The Telegraph':

King of Spain was operated on for four hours to replace his hip at a hospital in Madrid on Saturday morning, after suffering a triple fracture which the Royal Palace said was "linked to arthritis".

But the reason why that cabron was operated is because he got injured in Botswana during what the palace described as a private hunting trip: an elephant hunting!!!!
In Bostwana sanctioned elephant hunting is allowed to cull herd numbers, it's an expensive trip for heartless and evil riches: they shot elephants to have fun and then delighted themselves while the undefended animal whispers agony whimpers of pain until its death: this atrocity custs between 7000 euros to 30 000 euros.
Elephants are a peaceful lovely and wild creatures that are endangered by shity motherfuckers like this cabron!!!! (I can't spare my revolt words, El rei de España es un cabrón, so go on and sue me!)
So many Spaniards reacted with anger, with criticism of his expensive and cruel hobby at a time when his nation is mired in economic crisis with high unemployment and real suffering, especially for the young.
It was not the king's first hunting controversy. In 2006 there were reports that while on holiday in Russia he had shot and killed a performing bear called Mitrofan which had first been fed honey mixed with vodka!!! How much wickedness!!!!

"The King, in this situation of economic distress and the dramas that affect millions of people, instead of being in his office puzzling over the fate of his country is instead hunting exotic animals and endangered species" said Basque politician Julia Madrazo.

"It was a private trip and therefore not subject to official comment," Juan Carlos Zamora, private secretary to the King, explained to The Sunday Telegraph, refusing to confirm whether the monarch had in fact been shooting elephants:"As ever the media will come to their own conclusions," he said.
The palace also declined to disclose how the trip had been funded.
How outrageous! Is that way King of Spain spends people's money...hunting wild animals??? Such a jerk and evil person (???)...how can spaniards still support this kind of worms!!!!!!!!!!
But there's more, now on TV the king's advisors said that the trip was offred to the King because" it's good for the image of Botswana and this trips are source of huge profits to the country"!!!!. And on TV they showed a bit of the video that that cabron made reporting his hunting...I got so mad and so angry! I wish that jerk was dead really!
The point isn't just: "who paid the trip?", it's too and most relevant  The King of Spain has fun killing an innocent endangered, peaceful and exotical animal!!!! Even because the King of Spain is the Honorary President of the Spanish Subsidiary of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)!!! The WWF direction will decide soon if The King will still being the honorary president of WWF...but sure he won't be any longer...in fact if the King had any respect that could still remaining he would resign the charge in WWF...a monster like that who shoot defenseless endangered and wil animals is an insult for WWF and all its supporters and people that really love and respect nature and animals...
Juan Carlos is honorary president of the spannish WWF since it was funded, in 1968, this is not his first hunting (in fact the picture above is from 2006)...how can WWF have for so many years this monster in its organization???
Several activists of the rights of animals are very mad and infuriated with WWF and King of Spain. Brigide Bardot even wrote a letter to the King expressing her indignation!
So I think that any folk on the world should feel repulsion for someone like this that represent them! So evil, so sick, such a liar, so hypocrite!
If that evil man had enough shame on this face he would resigne the throne...but it's not probable that he does that...but I really can't see how he can keep going on being spaniards' Head of State...spannish people sure don't want to be represented by such a evil, sick and hypocrite king as they showed us with their indignation!

source: telegraph

VERY IMPORTANT: Sign the petition for King of Spain resign as Honorary President of WWF (we need a lot of signatures and right now few have signed it) and that evil man sure can't represent WWF (I think WWF should kick his ass out right now...and I still not get how  he can be in that role since 1968!)
To sign click: change

Looks like the debate aroud the spannish monarchy is back!!!
Just take the advantage of the crisis issue to get rid of them!

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And when we think this can't get any worse that's when I found out that EL CORTE INGLES, a spanish shopping for high society organizes hunting trips to Africa and other places worldwide to hunt endangered species like rhinos, leons, leopards, elephants, giraffes! We can't allow this!
Read this and ACT!

NOTE: FINALLY! WWF kicks off King of Spain from Honorary President...he never should be in WWF anyway!
“WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of our planet’s natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.” The king’s actions obviously go against this.way! 
It took some time but finally this embarrassment is solved!
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  1. King of Spain is the extremily very bad example for new society of XX1 century, we do not need this kind of personage, Freedom for Catalunya.