segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

My letter to El Corte Ingles

So I just wrote an e-mail to the contact of El Corte Ingles that organizes hunting trips!
The contact is do your part and write them a letter too!

I'm sending this e-mail because I checked your website and found out that the company is organizing hunting trips even to hunt endangered species like rhinos, leons, leopards, giraffes, name it! Just for the filty heartless rich have fun! Here it is the prices in your site that you even had the impropriety to call amigas mascotas!!!
So there's where I got this e-mail contact!
I really hope El Corte Ingles reconsider this and stop this cruel hobby for your griffe clients of the high society that don't know what to do with their millions!!!!
I wish you to stop and gain conscience that what you are doing is totally wrong and inhuman!
Meanwhile I with other animal and nature activists will do our best to make people aware of what you're doing and we propose them just to boycott your company!
Hunting and killing harmless inocent creatures that live peacefully in their habitat especially those in risk of extintion is a crime agaisnt nature and it can't be accepted!

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