domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Sarkozy: the big spender

Apropos the elections in France, which is said that can change the course of Europe: the asphyxiant austerity way defended and imposed by Germany and approved by Nicolas Sarkozy (who?the Merkell's puppy), the anti-immigration path defended by the extreme right of le Penn (and also Sarkozy that is a descendent of hungarian immigrants..)or a new way defended by Hollande that is against austerity measures and says to refuses to implement all that Mrs Merkell says and is agaisnt the huge business that European Central Bank (which by coincidence is located in Germany) is doing with the european's sovereign debts...well at least that's what he says by now, let's hope he doesn't change his mind if he is elected...if he does that it's anti-democratic in my way: lies are incompatible with democracy.
Hollande has a slight advance and of course the speculative markets and rating agencies didn't like that and are making a chantage saying that they will low France rate (how scary isn't it?-.-).
Well I'm not very interested in the french elections, I have better stuff to do but by chance I was reading a magazine and found out something very outrageous about how Sarkozy is wasting french citizens' money with obscene luxuries.
So we hear the case of a french politician saying that homeless people shouldn't get out of home because of the cold and then she was compared to Marie Antoniette who said that "if the people don't eat bread why they just don't eat cakes?", but in a development country like France in XXI century with 8 million people living below the poverty line (I heard that on the TV news) and a rising undemployment rate there's also a big spender dwarf named Sarkozy living like Marie Antoniette.
So it was published in France a book named L'Argent de l'État which means The money of the State and shows us the extraordinary outlays of the President Nicolas Sarkozy. This was revealed by the socialist deputy René Dosière:
So President Sarkozy has 121 cars in her garage - per year it's spent 120 thousand euros in insurances and 320 thousand euros in gasoline, he spends 12 thousand euros in food per day(???) [how can this be possible? it's not just for him it must be to all his cre but he certainly don't eat that much but he sure goes to that fancy restaurants where the stupid rich goes and what you're paying is more like the place then what you eat...even because it's chic don't eat to much, and rich people don't eat too much...anyway they feel good spending money in that aren't worth a huge amounts of money must be no food at all in their twisted mind].
The annual budget just for flowers is of 240 thousand euros and the red winde served at the Eliseu is a Crozes-Hermitage that costs 175 euros each bottle.
It's true that the President canceled the garden party which costed 600 thousand euros each year but in the rest he doesn't spare: a familiar excursion with is wife Carla Bruni to the caves of Lascaux, costed France 130 thousand euros and a few months ago Sarkozy sent a Falcon 50 to Ucrain to fetch his son Pierre, that felt sick before his performance as a disc jockey. The rescue of the little brat DJ Mosey costed France 25 thousand euros.
If this is really true (I hardly can beleive it: really? 12 000 euros per day with food?) how can french people re-elect such a vile parasite of the french State?!
And there's more I read that he hided his Rolex clock worth in 10 million euros during a campaign because  his advisors said it was better to do.
The only thing I'm sure is if France wants more of the same old shit they should vote in on that case France will be in bad shape again...and European Union even more...if you vote in Hollande at least there is a real hope that France is no longer together with Germany in austerity measures that are asphyxiating the europeans (except maybe Germany until now)...if Europe is to be ruled by two countries (France and Germany) the European project is a failure.
And for those who are not aware of all governments in EU are falling, the last one was Nederland that also used to say the countries of the south had to reduce their deficit because they're living up above their possibilities...the same Nederland itself that couldn't reduce their deficits...
So probably France shouldn't re-elected Sarkozy...

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