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Suicide in front of the parliament shakes Greece

tribute to the man that killed himself in front of the parliament

What a sad story I read in a newspaper today!
In Greece, a retired man, with 77 years old committed suicide shooting himself with a gun in a public square of Athens near the Greek Parliament.
He had left with him, in his pocket a note explaining why he did that: "I'm retired and I can't live under this conditions. I refuse myself to search food in the rubbish bins, so I decided to put an end to my life" He even accused the government of "destroying any hope of survival."
A witness says that heard him screming before killling himself "I don't want my sons to have my debts"!.
Sad story, and it's sad too media only shows the part rebellious greeks that destroy everything and don't pay what Germany insits they owe them! Instead you should show to the europeans and the world what the austerity measures are doing: destroying Europe and europeans!
The fact is that the suicide rate in Athens have been increasing year by year due to the crisis, it rose up to 40% (this in a country that had the lowest suicide rates in Europe...before the crisis)! One in five greeks are unemployed! The unemployment rate rose up to 34% and half of the young greeks have no jobs and only in the streets of Athens there are about 20 000 homeless!
Meanwhile additional austerity measures have to take place in order to greeks receive the monetary help from EU and IMF!
What they're doing is murder a nation, they'll only stop when there's nothing left to steal and then greeks will be abandoned to their own luck bankrrupted.
I'm afraid that this happens in Portugal too, and the fact is that there are several families living with serious dificulties by now and kids have breakfast at school 'cause parents don't have money!
So if the monetary help program is the same in Greece as it is in Portugal how can the same ways lead to different results? They can't...and Einstein had a definition for this; it's insanity! You cannot do the same error again and again and expect different results of course!
Europe cannot just be self-destroyed by the dicttaorship of speculative markets!
They just can't steal people's money and let them die in misery!
Europe is not getting nowhere like this! And there still remains a country (Germany) making a great business out of this, so there's only one question for me left to make: does Germany wants to destroy Europe, again?
'Cause what Germany is doing is just wrong and anti-european!

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