segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2012

Traffic of arms in Syria

I read in a (portuguese) magazine the following new:

 "USA is selling, indirectly, arms to Syria, through a contract between the syrian government and Rosoboronexport , a russian enterprise. This was reported by a group of 17 senators that questioned, without receiving any reply, the Secretary of Defense of USA, Leon Panetta, about the subject- matter.
Damascus has been intensifying the arms purchase to all its suppliers, especially the russians.
During the period of 2007 to 2011 the imports of missiles, air defenses, boats, sensors and aeroplanes increased 570% over the years 2002-2007. The rebels too are receiving arming from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and there is a lot of speculation about who had supplied the drones to the regime (Israel)?"

So Syria is going through a bloody civil war with a vil dictator ordering the indiscriminately killing of citizens and brave journalists that dare to go in there and report the situation while the whole world is just watching!
For we have an idea of how awful is the situation in there, even in the hospitals, the injured of bombings that that were supposed to be tretaed are murdered and tortured by the supporters of the regime!
At the same time media shows us that terrifying situation, in the United Nations Organizations, Russian, Iran and China think that there should be no humanitarian intervention (I'm not a great apologist of military interventions but this case serious needs one, people from Syria are being murdered by the tyrannical regime just for disagree and uprise against it) United Nations decided to stand still watching all this blood bath...and what does USA, the country of freedom that protest all the time against dictators and the opressed people?USA sells weapons undercover making a profitable business out of all this innocent blood! I won't be surprised that this new is true (even because senators did not reply) because the biggest economy of USA is the army!
So repugnant and revolting...

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