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The waste of Modern Art

Up you can see a painting of Roy Lichenstein, a pop-art ( art???) culture painter, called "The Sleeping Girl" that will be sold in a auction house in London, Sotheby's, for at least for 30,4 million's basically so shocking and stupid as you win the Euromillions jackpot and spend ir all in a stupid image of a comic book! This can only be possible because there are stupid rich out there that spend millions as cents in frivolities...I think this is an insult to any society specially when money should be used to be more equally distributed and help saving problems like hunger in the world, mistreated children, homeless people and other human causes!!!!
I found the price of that cartoon picture in the internet, in a page, curiously called Born Rich.
I even talked in my blogue about another cartoon of Roy Lichenstein that was sold for 28,3 million euros!!! (read: modern-art-waste-that-is-worth-millions).
In the end the paint above of a blonde girl was sold for 34,4 million euros!
Another painting, one of Edvard Munch, "The Scream" is a much more elaborated painting with some kind of meaning but it is worth it the minimum obscene amount of 60 million euros!!!!

In the end of the auction this paint was sold for 119,92 million dollares, it is 91,38 million euros! The most expensive painting ever sold! It's so ironic that if it was how it's said Munch was so poor that he don't even had money to paint the original painting on a canvas, instead he used a cardboard.
Rich people are such a jerks, to me it's outrageous someone spend so many money on this!!!!
But riches are just who have the biggest amount of the poor's me it's unaceptable the existence of so many poors and that the riches own almost all the wealth on Earth!
Personally I prefer this new alternative version of Munch paint:

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